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Djemma Sattar Artist
I illuminate, through my artwork, how societal expectations and norms can contribute to feelings of isolation, particularly for individuals who do not conform to traditional gender or social roles.

Having experienced the pressure to conform myself, I understand how suffocating and disconnecting this can be. I seek to capture the emotional weight of these experiences, exploring the complex and often conflicting emotions that arise when one's identity clashes with societal norms.

I am also deeply concerned about the growing problem of loneliness in our society. Despite the seemingly constant connectivity of our world, studies show that loneliness is on the rise and has significant negative impacts. My art creates space for reflection and conversation around these issues, encouraging viewers to think critically about the role of self-determination in our social and emotional lives.

Ultimately, I aim to share my perspective on a life without strict boundaries or definitions. Our brains naturally categorize things to simplify our understanding. Still, I envision a world where we can break free from those mental limitations and view the world more openly and expansively.

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Djemma Sattar has been involved in visual arts since she was 4 years old. She experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union, and at the age of 7, she and her family moved from Baku to Moscow, where her professional journey began.

She studied architecture at the Moscow Academic Lyceum of Fine Arts at the Russian Academy of Arts. In 2014, after graduating from Kosygin Moscow State Textile University and University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins, she represented the university with her conceptual artworks at international competitions and conferences.

From there, she joined the Moscow Contemporary Art Institute of Joseph Backstein, where she was one of the selected candidates for the summer internship with Goldsmiths University of London.
Despite her academic background, over years of practice, Djemma has experimented extensively and mastered nearly all available visual techniques. This enables her to express her thoughts in various visual forms.

Djemma's artworks are housed in private collections and museums worldwide, such as the Hennessey Family, the Luciano Benetton Collection, the Yarat Museum, and more.

2015–2016 Iosif Bakshtein Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Moscow
2014 Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London
2009–2014 Kosygin Moscow State Textile University, Art Faculty
2002–2009 Surikov Art Lyceum, Architecture Faculty

Awards & Residencies
2020 Artigit'l residency, London
2014 Yarat studios, Baku
2013 Japanese National exhibition of graphic works, Sugino school, Tokyo

2023 – Loosenart gallery, Rome, Italy
2022 – Blazart, Moscow
2021 – Cosmoscow, Moscow
2020 – Artigit'l residency
2020 – Equalism, White room foundation, Moscow
2020 – Yaratonline, Baku, Azerbaijan
2019 – "Noviy Veschizm", Omelchenko gallery, Moscow
2019 – ASTRA project, Moscow
2018 – "INTERESTED?", Grow Tottenham, London
2018 – "5 lifehacks for dummies", Moscow Biennale of Young Art
2018 – "Women in Art for peace", Council of Europe, Strasbourg
2017 – "Before", Artarea Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia
2017 – Project "Reflection" Fragment gallery, Moscow
2016 – Exhibition "II" Omelchenko gallery, Moscow
2016 – ARTPLAY «BOSCH: Visons Alive», Moscow
2016 – Exhibition "Body" Fabrika space, Moscow
2016 – Exhibition "Security" workshop of Ilya Kabakov
2015 – "Sound", Gallery Weart, Moscow
2014 – "The Art of Humanity", Treviso, Italy
2014 – "Zeroing Out, New Year", Gallery Weart, Moscow
2013 – PUBLIC ART DESIGN factory FLACON, Moscow
2013 – "Free workshops", MMoMA, Moscow
2012 – III Moscow International Biennale of Young Art
2012 – "Situation PAT" exhibition in YAY GALLERY, Moscow
2012 – IV International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Baku
2012 – "The Peaks. Hands to the sky", Central House for Artists, Moscow
2012 – International project for Imago Mundi, Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy
2012 – Participant of exhibition of contemporary art «COMMONIST», Moscow
2011 – Japanese National exhibition of graphic works of the Sugino school, Tokyo
2011 – "Holzgarten Accessories" Project Workshop #2, Germany
2011 – Participant of the opening of YARAT contemporary art fund, Baku
2010 – Concours International des Createurs de Mode, Monte Carlo